Mohan Nayak

Posted by aminkov2000 on April 22, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Long time West Orange Chess Club member Mohan Nayak recently passed away at the age of 80. I've been told that Mohan began to attend the West Orange Chess Club circa 1981 (roughly a few years after the club was started in 1978). Mohan was a generous person and a skillful chess player who will be sorely missed. The 2017 West Orange Chess Club Championship will be dedicated in his honor. 

Update: Below are URL links to Mohan Nayak's obituary:

Below is a link to a webpage dedicated to showcasing wins by Mohan Nayak:

If you have to score to a chess game that Mohan Nayak won and would like that game to be posted on the webpage listed above then please email that score to Bryan Cohen. Bryan's email address is [email protected]  [ Bryan6872 @ ].


Secretary Minkov

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Reply John M. Hagerty
7:46 PM on April 28, 2017 
Mohan`s granddaughter, Sonya, is in my after school Chess class at the Gregory Ave. Elementary School. This past Thursday I gave her a condolences card on behalf of the West Orange Chess Club to be given to her mother, one of Mohan`s three daughters. We had many a fun night analysing games up to closing time. Truly a fine gentleman and a good sport even when he lost games. I am so glad that John Bonnett, Mark Levanda and I were able to represent the club at his funeral service. He truly loved our club. We truly loved him.
Reply Bryan Cohen
12:50 AM on April 29, 2017 
John, you talk about how good of a sport he was when losing games. I'll always remember the genuine joy he felt when winning a game, especially when he successfully executed one of his sacrifices that he was so well known for. And without a hint of any arrogance whatsoever, just genuinely happy he was able to win.
Reply Bryan Cohen
12:02 AM on May 3, 2017 
The following was submitted by John Hagerty.

To all club members:
Mohan was my nemesis (as he was to many others!). Here is a game in which he really "took me to school"!

Mohan Nayak - John M. Hagerty, West Orange CC Fall Swiss Round 5 12-5-2000

1 e4, c6; 2 d4, d5; 3 e5, Na6 (the Kavalek Variation - I like to play some offbeat lines now and then!); 4 Nf3, Bg4; 5 Nbd2, e6; 6 h3, Bxf3; 7 Nxf3, Bb4+ (probably the plan of 7...g6 followed by ...h5, ...Be7, ...Nh6, odd as it looks, is a viable way to go in this unusual variation.) 8 c3, Ba5 (ugly as it looks, 8...Be7 was better. See previous note); 9 Bd3, Ne7 (at this point I started to feel a tightening in my throat!); 10 O-O, O-O; 11 Qc2 (maybe 11 Bxh7+ Kxh7; 12 Ng5+ wins!?), g6; 12 Bg5, Nc7; 13 Bf6, Ne8; 14 Qd2, Qd7; 15 Qh6, Nf5; 16 Bxf5, exf5 (forced); 17 Ng5, Nxf6; 18 exf6, Black Resigns 1-0

Mohan had a reputation of being a tactical madman (a compliment to him, guys!) but I think that this game showed that he had some pretty good positional understanding. I may give more detailed notes to this game in the future. All are invited to share their Chess adventures with Mohan by sending games to Bryan Cohen at [email protected] or me at [email protected]
Reply Bryan Cohen
12:16 AM on May 3, 2017 
I have created a forum on our club member page on which will contain all of Mohan's wins that are submitted here. This will enable one to go through the games with a board and pieces rather than just having to read through the moves. Because I am posting all of the games on one forum instead of a forum for each game one will have to navigate through the forum to find the game they are looking for. Hopefully club secretary Minkov can place the link to the forum within the main text of this particular News item (Mohan Nayak).

Here is the link:
ins (not clickable here but should be if placed in the main text)
Reply Bryan Cohen
6:35 PM on May 13, 2017 
Another win by Mohan Nayak has been submitted here. In this game Mohan (black) defeated me (white).

The moves are as follows: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 Bc5 4. d4 Bb6 5. Nc3 d6 6. Nc4 O-O 7. Bg5 h6 8. Bh4 Nc6 9. Nxb6 axb6 10. Be2 g5 11. Bg3 Ne7 12. O-O Ng6 13. f4 Nh7 14. f5 Ne7 15. Bc4 c6 16. Qh5 d5 17. Qxh6 dxc4 18. f6 Qxd4+ 19. Kh1 Nxf6 20. Qxg5+ Ng6 21. Rxf6 Ra5 22. e5 Qg4 23. Qxg4 Bxg4 24. h3 Be6 25. Re1 Kg7 26. Rff1 b5 27. a3 c5 28. Ne4 b4 29. axb4 cxb4 30. Nd6 b5 31. Nb7 Ra2 32. Rb1 Rc8 33. Nd6 Rb8 34. Rfd1 c3 35. bxc3 Rxc2 36. Rxb4 Rxc3 37. Be1 Rc5 38. Bf2 Rc2 39. Bd4 Ra8 40. Rxb5 Raa2 41. Ne8+ Kh7 42. Nf6+ Kg7 43. Rb8 Ne7 44. Re8 Rxg2 45. Rxe7 Rh2+ 46. Kg1 Rag2+ 47. Kf1 Bc4+ 48. Ke1 Rh1+ 49. White resigns

This game can also be viewed on our club member page by clicking on the link provided above in the main text of this News item. It is comment #3.
Reply Deepa Nayak
10:33 PM on May 24, 2017 
Just wanted to thank everyone at the club for the thoughtful card and notes, and for being there for my father for the last 36 years. He was so lucky to have found his Tuesday night family all those years ago......