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Mohan Nayak Memorial Tournament

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5SS (one round per week), G75 d5. EF: $20. Registration: 6-6:45p on

October 18 (or in advance). Players may join after the tournament

begins, and will receive half-point byes for missing weeks (up to two).


Dates: October 18, 25; November 15, 22, and 29. (One game per week; no

games on November 1 and 8).


Location: The Katz Community Center is located in Dengan Park,

behind/next to the baseball fields at West Orange High School. Take the

mini-road between the school and fields to get there.


Time: Rounds start at 7pm.


USCF membership required (must be valid until November 29).


Two half-point byes allowed. To request a bye, e-mail Stephen at

[email protected] or call/text 908-286-0720. Round 1-4 bye requests

must be received by 4pm on the day of a game; late requests may or may

not be honored. Byes for round five must be requested before the start

of the fourth round.


Round pairings will not be announced in advance.


Prizes will be rewarded based on the number of participants and their

distribution across the tournament. Approximately 80% of entry funds

will be awarded as prizes.

For additional information on this event, please click on the link below:


Bobby Qian Wins The 2022 Club Championship!

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Congratulations to Bobby Qian who won this year's West Orange Chess Club Championship on tiebreaks!

For the full results of this year's West Orange Chess Club Championship please click on the link below:

Secretary Minkov

Club Constitution

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At a club business meeting on 1/25/2022 a vote on a then proposed club constitution was taken and the proposed constitution was approved and is now in effect. If you wish to obtain a copy of the West Orange Chess Club's newly adopted constitution then please email Club President and TD John Hagerty at [email protected] [<buickchess @>].

Garden State Chess League Matches

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The West Orange Chess Club participates in Garden State Chess League matches. For more information about this league please click on the links below:

Facebook Page

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Prominent West Orange Chess Club member and chess expert Andy Chan has setup a Facebook page on behalf of the West Orange Chess Club. Below is a link to that page:

Please note that you will however need to login to a facebook account of your own in order to access the club's Facebook page.

Secretary Minkov

Playing Rated Games On Open Nights

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Please be aware that during our open nights when no formal event is held it is possible to arrange to play a rated game that will be attached as an extra game to a tournament report. Such a game could be used for the purpose of a privately arranged match between 2 or more club attendees. For more information on this possibility please email club president and TD John Hagerty at [email protected] [<buickchess @>] or alternatively call him at 973-736-3433 between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm. 

Our Web Pages

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Please be sure to check out the webpages/features that have been posted on behalf of the West Orange Chess Club on courtesy of our club president John Hagerty and our notable club member Bryan Cohen.

Below are the links of our webpages:

Our member page in particular is certainly worth checking out as it features many instructive chess games with informative annotations.

Also, below is a link to a webpage dedicated to showcasing wins by longtime club member Mohan Nayak who passed away in the year 2017:

If you or someone you know of is interested in posting any chess related content such as one of their games or a puzzle on any of the club's features (subject to the approval of at least one of our administrators) then please email Bryan Cohen at [email protected] [<Bryan6872 @>]. Any questions or comments should also be directed toward Bryan Cohen or Club President John Hagerty who can be reached via email at [email protected] [<buickchess @>] or by phone at 973-736-3433 (please only call between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm).



Makeup Games

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As an alternative to getting a half-point bye, the West Orange Chess Club does allow any of the participants in its slow rated tournaments to potentially arrange to play a makeup game off-site. However, to do so you must first contact chess Club President and Chief TD John Hagerty. His contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: 973-736-3433 (please call only between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm).

Email: [email protected] [<buickchess @>]