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Mohan Nayak Memorial Tournament

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Here are the details of this tournament:

5SS, G/100, d5

Dates: 9-24-2019, 10-8-2019, 10-15-2019, 10-22-2019, 10-29-2019


Rounds start at 8:00 PM.

Two 1/2 point byes available in any round. Requests should be made 24 hours in advance. Once granted, bye requests are reversible only by discretion of Tournament Committee based on particular circumstances.


Offsite games can be permitted if agreeable to both ...

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Garden State Chess League Message

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The following message is from West Orange Chess Club Co-Vice President Lev Zilbermintz:

President to Cabinet:

Please find enclosed the revised minutes of the September 10 GSCL meeting. All the revisions have been made.

Regarding Garden State Chess League matches, the calendar is as follows:

October 1

November 5

December 3

February 4

March 3

April 7

January 2020 will b...

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The following message is from club Co-Vice President Lev Zilbermintz:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Lev Zilbermintz, and I am the Vice President of the West Orange Chess Club. I am writing to extend an invitation to your chess club to join the Garden State Chess League. The GSCL, as it is known, is composed of several chess teams from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Once a month the teams come together at locations in New Jer...

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GM Molner Clock Simultaneous Exhibition

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On July 30, 2019 a game 45 clock simultaneous exhibition was held at the West Orange Chess Club. 22 people participated in this event. GM Molner won 16 games, drew 1 game against L. Zilbermintz, and lost on time to A. Minkov, A. Leman, M. Burn, D. Race, and J. Bernard. Below is a link to an article that was written about this event which can be found on page 11 of the pdf in it:

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Results Of The 2019 West Orange Chess Club Championship

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Below is a link for the results of the 2019 West Orange Chess Club Championship which was recently processed by the United States Chess Federation (USCF):

Vladimir Lipman 2019 West Orange Chess Club Champion!

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Congratulations to Vladimir Lipman on winning the 2019 West Orange Chess Club Championship! In winning his first WOCCC he defeated sixteen time WOCC champion Peter Radomskyj in their second tiebreak game.

Below are a set of links relating to this tournament for the visitor of this website to look through:

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Doran Race Run Tournaments

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West Orange Chess Club Vice President and TD Doran Race will very likely be running a chess tournament at the West Orange Chess Club on each club meeting. These tournaments are intended to be given in addition to any lectures and/or other type of event that Doran might give. For more information regarding the details of his events please contact Doran by text message at 973-652-9559 or by visiting his Twitter account by clicking on the link below:

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Facebook Page

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Prominent West Orange Chess Club member and chess expert Andy Chan has setup a Facebook page on behalf of the West Orange Chess Club. Below is a link to that page:

Please note that you will however need to login to a facebook account of your own in order to access the club's Facebook page.

Secretary Minkov

Playing Rated Games On Open Nights

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Please be aware that during our open nights when no formal event is held it is possible to arrange to play a rated game that will be attached as an extra game to a tournament report. Such a game could be used for the purpose of a privately arranged match between 2 or more club attendees. For more information on this possibility please email club president and TD John Hagerty at [email protected] [<buickchess @>] or alternatively call him at 973-736-3433. 

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Our Web Pages

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Please be sure to check out the webpages/features that have been posted on behalf of the West Orange Chess Club on courtesy of our club president John Hagerty and our notable club member Bryan Cohen.

Below are the links of our webpages:

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